Shonna Cook Photography | About
Hi my name is Rashonda, but more often than not I am called Shonna. When I was in kindergarten I had trouble making all the letters to my name, so we improvised and that is how I came to be called Shonna. I apparently loved the letter N almost as much as I enjoyed portraits, because I added one to my name!
I am blessed with 4 beautiful children, and while having pictures done a billion times a year when they were younger; my wonderful cousin suggested that I get into Photography. Her exact words were “Shonna, You love kids, and you love pictures. I can’t think of anything that would be more you.”
With no experience in photography I gave this a small amount of thought, until I found myself in search of something new for myself, then the though became more and more like an idea.
In November of 2005 I was hired as a photographer for sears portrait studio in Sandusky. A quick study, I was transferred to Findlay Sears Portrait Studio as manager within six months of hire. I worked in Findlay’s portrait studio for 5 years building my passion and talent for capturing special moments and memories for the wonderful people I met every day. I enjoyed so much all the wonderful clients and friends I made during my time there and many are still my clients and friends today!
In the spring of 2011 I was faced with a family health issue and made a decision to stay at home with my children. Not being able to give up my passion for pictures I continued photography, but more on the side so I could focus on my family needs. With the support and encouragement from clients, family and friends, Simply Shonna Photography opened in May 2011, and a Name change to Shonna Cook Photography just took place August 2012.
What I enjoy the most about my work is the chance to share memories, and capture personalities through expression and open communication with my clients. I feel this communication is the key to my growth as a photographic artist.

I am an on location photographer, using mostly natural light, on some occasions I will use supplemental light to create the effect I am after. I like to be creative and try new ideas to capture the image through expression and emotion.

Fun Facts

My favorite food is cheese…any cheese, as the world is a better place with cheese in it.
My favorite colors are green and blue
I have one younger sister
My kid’s initials are KLKL (because I love patterns)
I am obsessed with Polk-a-Dots
I am not able to carry a tune but it doesn’t stop me from trying..just ask anyone who knows me…
I am very sarcastic, and make a lot of jokes that others don’t laugh at, but that’s okay because I am consistently amusing myself!
I wear my heart on my sleeve but I wear it true
I love to help others anyway I can, I enjoy seeing people smile.

Photo above was taken by: Emily Tesnow of Emily Tesnow Photography. http:/​/​www.​emilytesnowphotography.​com/​